annunciationHello, my name is Gabriel. You may know me as the angel God would send to deliver really important, special messages. Before God sent me to deliver a message to a young peasant girl in Nazareth I should have been called “Gabriel the Reluctant”, or even “Gabriel the Slacker”.



After God explained the message I was to deliver and to whom I was to deliver it, I was like, “Really…that’s your plan”?

I mean, why not pick a royal family for the Messiah; why not just form a human Christ from clay – you were pretty good at that once; or why not just go down there yourself, kick some butt, destroy a few kingdoms and empires, reestablish the throne of David – you know, like we used to do in the good ‘ol days?

But God said, “Gabriel…dude, trust me on this – just deliver the message to Mary”.

So, I visited Mary and delivered my message. “Greetings, favored one…the Lord is with you (yadda, yadda, yadda)”. She looked really scared, and I worked with that fear trying to design my message to scare her off, to get her to say ‘no’. When she asked how she could have a child since she’d never been with a man, I thought I had her. The stigma of having a child out of wedlock would be too much for her to bear. And, surely the fact that her cousin Elizabeth had conceived a child in her old age would convince Mary that this was just “crazy talk”.

When I told her “nothing will be impossible with God”, I was really thinking (you are so screwed, or you are in such deep doo-doo, or I hope she says no, because this is really a dumb idea).

But, Mary simply said, “Here Am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”

Wait a minute, did this kid just say yes to this crazy idea? Doesn’t she know what she is getting herself into? And does God really know what God is doing to this young woman? I couldn’t believe my hearing. I was amazed at her simple acceptance, her faith, her “yes”.

I returned vowing to become a more trusting, faithful messenger for God. One who would simply trust and say, “yes”, like Mary.

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